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Discover how at Vicente Framin we specialize in the construction of wooden structures for houses, offering customized and high-quality solutions for our clients. Learn more about our experience, our team of professionals, and our services. Read on to find out more about us!

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About Vicente Framin

Vicente Framin is a company specialized in the construction of wooden structures for houses, with extensive experience in the sector. Founded 8 years ago, we have gained a great reputation in the market for the quality of our products and services.

At Vicente Framin, our goal is to offer customized and high-quality solutions, tailored to the needs of each client. We are proud to have a highly trained team of professionals who are responsible for designing, manufacturing, and installing durable and secure wooden structures.

We use top-quality materials and innovative construction techniques to ensure the quality and durability of our wooden structures. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services, including personalized wooden structure design, high-quality wooden structure manufacturing, wooden structure installation for houses, and technical advisory services in the construction of wooden houses.

At Vicente Framin, we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of our projects. We work hard to meet our clients’ expectations and ensure that they are completely satisfied with the final result.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive service that includes technical advice, so that our clients can make informed decisions during the construction process. We ensure that each project is unique and personalized, adapting to the specific needs of each client.

If you are looking for a reliable company for the construction of wooden structures for homes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to assist you with your construction projects, offering personalized and high-quality solutions. Contact us now and discover how we can help you!

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Experience and skill

 We are a construction company with a long trajectory, composed of experts in the field of carpentry and wooden construction with the necessary knowledge to create high-quality structures.


Use of high-quality materials

We use high-quality materials and a careful selection of wood to have a significant impact on the quality of the structures. With this, we ensure that the materials meet the necessary standards.


Attention to detail

Small details can make a difference in the quality of a wooden structure. We are a company that pays attention to details and ensures that all pieces are well assembled and that the structure is well balanced.

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